Our Team

Founding Members of Hal Far Outreach

Marloes Arbouw

I am 24 years old and from the Netherlands. I moved to Malta for the MA degree in Humanitarian Action. I am one of the Founding Members of HFO and had the honour to also hold the position of Secretary for a year. Throughout my involvement with HFO, I managed to help grow the organisation from a small student initiative to a valued and respected stakeholder in the non-profit sector in Malta. 
In November 2019, I had to leave HFO because of a possible conflict of interest with my new position in another organisation.

Yunus Berndt

During the first year of its inception in 2018, I had the great pleasure to chair this vital, empathetic and forward-thinking organization. Before coming to Malta I co-founded a political street performance group in Regensburg, Germany, and engaged in various initiatives to support asylum seekers in my home country. By profession, I am a traditional boatbuilder and will hold soon a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Management

Tamara Gerbens

As a 28-year old Social Worker from The Netherlands, I came to Malta to study M.A. in Humanitarian Action. As one of the co-founders, I had the honor of being part of an inspiring team that shaped the organisation in to what it is today. Being the Volunteer Coordinator and Treasurer for the first year HFO’s existence, I have taken part in a wide range of activities and projects. I love developing projects and see them grow through the efforts of our team of skilled volunteers. It has been an amazing journey and I cherish the connections all of us have made within the Ħal Far community.

Clara-Lou Michal

I am currently studying International Humanitarian Action and Social Work as part of the NOHA program. I hold the position of Ethics Officer and I am one of the co-founder of HFO. I am responsible for the ethics of the organisation and I oversee the compliance of our volunteers with the HFO Code of Conduct. I am also involved in different projects within the organisation to support the residents of the Open Centers in Malta.

Clara Richter

I am 25 years old from Germany. My profession is Social Work, focussing on migration politics and working with unaccompanied minors. The mental health of the HFO-volunteers is a very important aspect for us, as working in or at the camp can be very loading. I am always available for the volunteers to talk about what they experience in their work. For any questions about coping strategies, professional relationship to the residents or whatever comes op during the work, I try to find an answer or solution.

Chad Ashby

I am an electrician from Oakland, CA, USA and one of the founding members of HFO. I began doing outreach work in Hal Far in August 2018 after working for Mission Lifeline. During that period we conducted needs assessments amongst the residents, which led to the establishment of HFO. In the United States, I am involved with another NGO called “Ladder outreach and Rescue Alliance (LORA)”, that strives to raise funds to support humanitarian operations and projects in the Mediterranean.

Volunteers of Hal Far Outreach

Anna van Rooij

I am a very optimistic and friendly person. My role at the Peacelab is that of making the place as homely as possible by serving coffee, tea and sandwiches while our visitors wait to be helped. Another role of mine is that of ensuring that everybody is served at one point or another. I enjoy volunteering at the peacelab mostly because I like seeing that our visitors realize that they are all welcome and we are there to help them.

Jared Wot

When I joined HFO as a football events co-organizer I was thrilled. My previous experience in the sector taught me that people cherish humanitarian work for many reasons but for me one of them stand out. It’s connecting with people. Thanks to HFO, I was able to connect with people from Hal Far, whom I relate in many ways and passionate fellow volunteers in HFO.

Edera van Rooij

I am a university student in Malta and I am currently in my second year of studying International Relations. I decided to volunteer with HFO as I wanted to help from the little that I could to make migrants feel more welcome here in Malta. I am aware of the trauma and the difficulties that one faces when leaving ones country to seek refuge in a foreign country, and it is not easy.

Andrea Wien

I am 23 years old and from The Netherlands. I arrived in Malta the first of November 2019 for my Master’s Programme in International Humanitarian Action. Two weeks after my arrival I started volunteering with HFO. Next to volunteering in PeaceLab I am also volunteering as a Project Manager on our Campaign during the 16 Days of Activism Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in November & December..

Fiona Eichinger

I am a German-American living in Malta as an English teacher on Gozo. I love volunteering as Language Coordinator with HFO to facilitate English lessons in the Open Centre and liaise between our volunteer-teachers and the centre’s staff. I also co-teach a women’s class in the Open Centre and collaborate with other NGOs and institutions offering English lessons to establish a common curriculum and enhance the educational opportunities for migrants in Malta.

Emma Alquist

I am an American English teacher living in Malta. I love working with the like-minded individuals at HFO, who value providing an inclusive community for the refugees and migrants living in Hal Far. I believe in accessible education and opportunities for all, which is why I co-teach a women’s English class and provide resources in the PeaceLab.

Andre Portelli

I am 26 years old and Maltese. I joined this organisation to try and bridge the gap between the residents of Ħal Far and the local population of Malta. We do this by hosting a number of activities that are common and relatable for everyone in the world, such as sports and music activities. I enjoyed coordinating the football projects organised by HFO and helping out with tournaments organised by other organisations in Malta. My current role as local representative is to use my knowledge of the island in any way that is helpful for the projects and activities.

Maximilian Vella

I am a German biology student and a sports freak. Between October 2018 and February 2019, I was running the HFO Football project that provided football training and gave the team a place to train. For a good training session we needed basic understanding of the English language, which is how the English Lesson project started. I left Malta with good feelings that 3 team members now joined semi-professional teams.

Noura Abdelhafidh

I am 28 years old and from Tunisia. I moved to Malta in 2017 to work as a Junior Architect. My involvement with HFO started since its creation in 2018 with helping in the art section of HFO and now I am honoured to be second Chairperson of the organisation. I loved the idea of a youth organisation and I believed that I could contribute to being familiar with the migration context and speaking different languages.

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