Organizational Structure

Hal Far Organization

Hal Far Outreach (HFO) was started in October 2018 
and was legally founded on the 6th of December 2018

Since its establishment, the organisation has grown significantly: both in number of volunteers and in projects. As the context in Malta changed and Hal Far Outreach developed into a valued stakeholder in the NGO sector, a change in approach and structure was required. Therefore, Hal Far Outreach changed from a decentralised and flat organisation to one with a more established and centralised structure in September 2019. As volunteers of Hal Far Outreach, we believe that the organisation must use a coordinated and efficient approach to provide an appropriate and effective response to the needs of the people in Ħal Far. At the same time, each individual volunteer should be stimulated to take responsibility and put forward their own ideas. These beliefs are the core of the new structure of Hal Far Outreach.

The Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee is the organ that legally represents Hal Far Outreach


Clara-Lou Michal
Founding member

Local Representative

Andre Portelli
Member since October 2018


Cristina Agius
Member since February 2020

Ethics Officer

Name Surname


Ambra Anselmo
Member since October 2019

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